Top Three Reasons Your Roofing System Will End Up With a Serious Trouble

What Puts the Integrity of Your Roof Into Test

Aside from the usual wear and tear, there are some other usual factors that can cause damage to your roof like a natural disaster, tree branches and leaves, and hailstorms. However, there are some people who overlook the obvious while they continue to ignore their roofs, which often results in extensive damage. Below are the top three reasons your roof will end up in serious trouble.

Extensive Cracking and Sagging

It is common for your roof to show signs of cracks and sagging as you age, however, if further damage is done, you’ll see a lot of cracks and sagging. Your roofs work as a protective shell that covers everything under it, but it can’t protect against every impact. And with extensive damage, the integrity of your roof will be put to the test. One of the most obvious signs of extensive damage is sagging. Sagging is usually where individual panels are drooping down and touching the floor, and in worst-case scenarios, the roof will be totally gone.

Piercing Penetrate the Attic Floor

Your roof is the last line of protection between the harsh elements and your belongings. However, if a tree branch breaks and falls on your roof, it will pierce through it and go straight into your attic. This will often result in extensive damage. Depending on where the break is, it can also damage other parts of your home, especially your ceiling and walls. Even if the break only spans a single panel, it will still create a large hole that can allow rainwater in.

Material Breakdown

Your roof material has a lifespan. When it comes to roofing, time has a way of taking its toll on your roof. Over time, weather and the elements will take the toll on your roofing material. When this happens, your roof will eventually need to be replaced. In most cases, the older your roof is, the sooner it will need replacing.

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