3 Important Things a Professional Roofing Repair Service Can Handle

3 Unexpected Problems a Leaky Roof May Cause

When it rains, it pours, and when it pours and the roof of your home starts leaking, that’s when you’ve got a serious problem. A leak in your roof can work its way down from the top of your home to the very foundation itself, where it can lead to rot, decay, and serious structural damage. Whether it’s age, weather conditions, or other catastrophes, leaks in roofs are inevitable and can cause more danger than you probably expect. That’s why it’s important to fix small roof leaks yourself or hire a professional roofing repair service company to handle them as soon as possible. Here’s what you must understand about the dangers your leaky roof could be causing.

Damaged Ceilings and Attics

The first place water goes when your roof leaks are straight into the ceiling, and then into your attic, should your home have one. If you have an unaddressed leak in your roof you can expect water to damage the contents of your attic and also darken stain, and damage the ceiling.

Insulation Damage

As water leaks into your home, starting at the roof and then leaking into the attic, it can seriously damage any insulation you may have inside your roof. The water causes the insulation to clump, making it virtually ineffective in keeping warm or cool air inside your home, depending on the season. Be sure to regularly inspect your roof so you can stop damage before it escalates.

Compromised Structure

Even the strongest homes are susceptible to the rot that comes with water damage. What starts as a small leak in your roof can develop into a systemic failure of your home’s foundation all that water can leak down to your foundation levels and start rot which can make it unstable. Stop leaks in their tracks before they become even bigger problems.

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