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About us

KBL Roofing is a reputable and respected roofing company that has been operating in Bridgeport CT since 2007.

Most people think, that when installing a new roof, it will last for ever and when the time to repair it comes they are unprepared to act. Finding and repairing a leak is not a simple job and if you truly want to save money, don't try handle it by yourself. If you don't know what are you doing, better contact a professional roofing company. Do-it-yourself projects, on the other hand, may turn out to be more costly, as if you decide to buy the necessary materials from a special shop, you will not buy them for the same price as a commercial customer will and will eventually spend more money. Not to mention that unprofessional repair work can even damage your roof more, and you may require major repairs afterwards.

Hiring a roofing contractor like KBL Roofing is ideal for property owners without the knowledge or skills to perform roof work. KBL Roofing is experienced in undertaking roof projects from initial planning and preparation to actual implementation of plans. Let KBL Roofing do this physically and mentally draining task for you while you carry on your usual day-to-day activities. Whether you're suffering from leaky ceilings, damaged roofs due to chimneys, or even swaying mounted satellites that are causing damage, KBL Roofing can perform anything and everything that involves roofs. Our contractors are all trained and versed in different roof repair techniques and standard practices for safe and timely operations. Our roofers are also armed with a business liability insurance and a license to operate in Bridgeport CT.

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